Centre for Veterinary Education – Sydney University

The world’s first and leading organisation providing continuing education and development for veterinaries.

The Centre for Veterinary Education (CVE) is the world’s first and leading organisation to provide continuing education and professional development for veterinarians and allied professionals.

Veterinarians worldwide use the platform to manage their membership subscription, buy books and digital downloads, register for conferences and workshops, enrol in distance education courses and watch resources in the new video library.

The CVE back-office runs entirely on iMIS (software designed to help associations manage relationships amongst its members and facilitate the administrative tasks) and we needed to implement a complete integration between Drupal 7/Commerce and iMIS.

The biggest part of this project was to rewrite the existing Drupal 6 code to suit the new Drupal 7 requirements.

Easy Administration

Back on the Drupal 6 platform, staff had to juggle with HTML (tables) to create layouts for their events and products. They were given a simple body field and a WYSIWYG editor, which required time and much frustration to use. Leveraging the fields types available out of the box in Drupal 7, we built all the content types so that CVE staff only have to insert copy and images, without worrying about layout or HTML.

Sydney University Website development
CVE Mobile optimised

Benefits Delivered

  • User registration: users that register in Drupal get synced in iMIS.
  • Contact syncing: a full profile sync is triggered every time a user logs in or is manually triggered by CVE staff. This includes role assignments, to manage content only available to members.
  • Events and Products sync. Events/Products created in iMIS sync directly to Drupal – edited by the staff and then published. Pricing (which comes from iMIS) and the whole registration/buying process is handled by a custom module, integrated with Commerce for the checkout process.
  • Invoices: Users are able to view invoices generated by iMIS in their user account.
  • Shipping: Based on user shipping address, the shipping calculations are handled by iMIS and integrated back to Commerce.

Additional Benefits

  • Video Library: we created a categorised central repository for CVE videos based on node access and video field. Some videos have members only access.
  • Virtual Abattoir: the Virtual Abattoir is an education resource for veterinary students using a combination of Book and Quiz modules.
  • CVE Library: we migrated the existing CVE library with more than 15,000 articles from SciQuest using Solr search and feed.
  • Practice functionalities: now practices can manage professionals linked to their organisation and enrol them into courses/workshops/conferences.

Services Provided:

  • Ux Design Consultancy
  • Web Development
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Drupal Custom Module Development
  • Drupal – iMIS Integration
  • Drupal Commerce – iMIS Integration
  • Ongoing Support
Web design for Not for profits

We are very impressed with Marameo Design technical knowledge: the team was faced with challenging tasks, highly dependable on multiple systems requiring a highly customised approach.

Marameo Design managed to achieve all the key milestones as planned, which resulted in the project being completed on time, within budget and with satisfied stakeholders.

I would, and I have recommended Marameo Design to colleagues and other organisations which are serious about delivering the best possible website they can have.

Ines Borovic
Marketing and Sales Manager Centre for Veterinary Education, The University of Sydney

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