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User centred design

Your User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are critical to the success of your website. They determine how your customer interacts with your site and can make or break the experience, and, ultimately your business outcomes.

Choosing an expert UX/UI design team will give your site an edge, keeping your visitors engaged, enabling them to access your products and services quickly and increasing conversions.

Our expert UX/UI Design team, based in Newtown, Sydney, have been building websites that combine excellent useability with beautiful design since 1999. We apply user-centred design to understand how people interact with the internet and put this at the heart of your website design.

We can also help you refurbish an existing site to improve the user experience.


Steps in the UX Design Process:

  • Wireframes

    Every website begins with careful planning. Whether your company requires a simple micro-site or a more comprehensive multi-page website, preparation is crucial.

    Using user interface (UI) wireframe technology, we can combine precise layout design with the latest technology used in web development.

    How detailed this is will depend on the complexity of your project. It can start with basic layout sketching all the way through to comprehensive interaction wireframes for individual pages and screens.

  • User Interface

    The user interface (UI) is how your visitors access your site.
    It is the doorway and control panel to your products or information.

    User interface design (UID) looks carefully at both the online and offline experience and combines them with UX design.

    A well-designed UI and well thought-out UX deliver a return on investments that is significantly more than the set-up costs.

    Our experienced team combines visual design, user-friendliness, interactive capabilities and information architecture to develop UIs that work. We make UIs that are easy for your consumers to use – which helps them and benefits your organisation.

  • Information Architecture

    our website and applications will work best when they use a consistent and intuitive structure that allow users to do what they want quickly and easily.

    We use information architecture skills to logically layout information to achieve this goal.

    Using user interface (UI) wireframe technology, we can combine precise layout design with the latest technology used in website development.

  • Focus on Interaction

    Every button push, menu click and form filled on your website is an interaction that needs to be both user-friendly and error-free.

    Our affordable UX design workshops are just the beginning of our exploration of how we can create the easiest and most effective interactions for y0ur consumers.

    The carefully orchestrated combination of form and function is created first by understanding your company’s goals and customers’ expectations before structuring information and interaction in the best way possible.

UX Design Sydney Workshop

We start with a UX design workshop, bringing together your key stakeholders and our design team to scope your needs, develop user personas, share user stories and design the user journey.

This approach helps us to fully understand your customers so that we can bring your digital presence to the next level.

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