This document outlines the warranty of your new website, Marameo’s obligations and your rights regarding your website and the web development process. This document should be considered an extension of, or complement to, your existing consumer rights and guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law, and not a replacement for those rights.

If you want to chat about your new website, have any questions or concerns, or want clarification on anything in this document then please call us on 1300 881 791 or email [email protected] and a member of our digital team will assist you.

What your warranty covers

Our warranty covers any defects, bugs or other service issues resulting from the development process. A ‘bug’ is considered any website feature which no longer functions as it did during the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase. A ‘defect’ is considered a significant issue that impedes the main functionality of your website.

Your warranty period

We offer different warranty period depending on the complexity of the website and your specific contract.

When not specified otherwise, the warranty period covers your website for 30 days from the live date. Any bugs that are brought to our attention during this period will be fixed without charge in a time frame to be negotiated with you, the client.

Exceptions to this warranty

Your warranty does not cover:

  • Changes made to the website via yourself or any other third party;
  • Issues caused directly by your web hosting provider;
  • Issues caused directly by your domain name administrator;
  • Issues caused by transferring your web hosting service to a new provider;
  • Issues caused by your email service or provider;
  • Issues caused by third party plugins or modules;
  • Issues caused by updating your website CMS version;

Content management system warranty

For CMS websites it is important to understand the distinction between core code and custom code.

Core Code refers to the base code which is required by the CMS to operate correctly. This code is provided to us and our clients, as an open-source platform. We do not alter core code in any way. Any bugs resulting directly from the core code of a CMS are not covered by your warranty.

Custom Code refers to the unique code which has been introduced to your website to give it its individual look, feel and functionality. This custom code is produced by us and is covered by your website warranty.


Your website will be tested to work on the following devices. Any bugs relating to normal operation on any of the browsers listed are covered under this warranty.

Browsers on desktop and mobile devices:

  • Apple Safari 10 +
  • Google Chrome 42 +
  • Firefox 45 +
  • Internet Explorer 11+

Exceptions regarding Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Microsoft Edge Browser:

While we will test on these browsers to ensure core functionality is not impeded, due to the non-standard systems employed by these browsers we cannot guarantee all design and features will function as expected. However, if Internet Explorer or Edge are important to your business or clients we will negotiate, at our discretion, to include these browsers in this warranty. This may require additional development time and resources.

Mobile Devices:

We employ responsive design practices for all our websites – this means the elements on your website will reshuffle to fit the majority of smartphones & tablet devices.

Please note: While we make every attempt to support all major device manufacturers some devices may use non-standard web browsers which may render or display certain elements differently. If you have a particular device that is crucial to your business or clients please discuss this with us. We may, at our discretion, extend the warranty to cover a particular device that may require additional testing and development resources.


When we are engaged to update parts of your website beyond the initial User Acceptance Testing period these updates will come with a 7 days warranty.

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