No two audits that we complete are the same

Taking over an existing site from a contract developer or company that can often be a daunting task.

Often we find our clients assume that all websites are created equal, and as we’re taking it over we can just dive right in and start developing. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case so we end up doing a site audit.

A site audit accomplishes a couple of things:

  • Provides the client with an overview of where their site currently sits in terms of performance, security and general quality of the build.
  • It provides us with a good knowledge of the estimated effort needed before “diving in”.

It’s important to note that we never touch the live site.

We grab the code and database and load them into our local development server where we’re free to run our audit tools.

  • Drupal website audits

    With over a decade experience in developing highly complex Drupal websites and application, our team of Drupal experts is able to produce a detailed Drupal website audit document that exposes any issues and will advice on next steps to take.

  • WordPress website audits

    With so many “DIY” developers out there, we often find WordPress websites to be poorly coded and exposed to security threats. We will deliver a WordPress website audit document which is the perfect starting point to understand how your platform is running.

What will I learn from a website audit?

It’s time to know

We analyse a number of areas on your website and give you a 360° understanding of what’s working and what can be improved.

If we find areas which can be improved or aspect that must be addressed, we outline them in a list of actionable items and gives you a clear estimation on investment.

The initial audit investment totally depends on your website functionalities, and if you’d like a more in-depth audit on some of the below areas.


“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”   – Albert Einstein


  • Security

    We analyse the overall security of the application, including checking core and modules security updates, users and admin permissions, file permissions, HTTPS settings and SSL certificate.

  • Performance

    A badly tuned website can have massive impact on your customer experience. We don’t leave any page unturned to make sure your site is delivered to your audience as fast as it can. We have achieved up to 6x increase in speed!

  • Functionality

    This gives you an overview of the data architecture of the platform, including content types, taxonomies, views and any entity relationships that crosses between them.

  • Theme implementation

    We analyse the whole front-end infrastructure of your theme, checking which technology is used and if best practice are in place. We also check for potential security issues.

  • Configurations

    We check if Drupal configuration management (Features in Drupal 7) is setup correctly, if you are using the recommended PHP version and if your database is updated and healthy.

  • Modules usage

    More often than not, we find a heavy usage of contributed modules that bloat and slow down the website performances. We streamline the way the modules are used for best results.

  • Custom coding

    We analyse any custom modules present and make sure they are coded following security standard and best practices.

  • User permissions

    Who can access the platform? What kind of permissions the different user roles have? This and a lot more is analysed to make sure your site is protected from unwanted visitors.

  • Error log

    Analysing the error log and auditing those warning is crucial to understand any underlying issues the platform might have.

  • SEO (On site)

    We check all the most important aspect of your site SEO: from your site ranking and domain authority to how well your site is optimised for SEO (keywords, content, open graphs, meta-description, sitemap etc..)

  • Web Accessibility

    Is your site accessible from people with different abilities? This is not just about following the law, but also is about doing the right thing.
    We will provide a great understanding of the challenges of a non accessible website and how to overcome them.

  • User Experience

    How easy is your site to navigate and what type of experience your user are having? We check for any errors, broken links, pages spinning, contact forms not getting delivered, shopping carts not working. Name it – we are on it.

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