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Increased awareness, better knowledge sharing and resource library for this NFP organisation, which support and educational programs for people affected by Huntington’s disease.


A partnership to go further together

We were thrilled when Huntington’s NSW ACT contacted us to work on the redesign of the Huntington’s website.

We love working with NFP and the way Huntington’s NSW ACT positively impact lives is something we were very proud to be part of – so proud in fact that we offered them a significant reduction in our fees through our NFP Sponsorship program.

This allowed them to stretch their budget further and include more help and support for their target audience, which are delighted with the end result.

User Personas for better content segmentation

We started with an in-depth research and discovery phase – creating user personas and user journeys to better understand how to serve important content to the target audience.

Then we analysed the available content and identify gaps to better serve the needs of their personas.

On the new platform, most of the content is divided by audience:

  • Carers, Family & Friends
  • People Living with HD
  • Professionals
  • Kids & Young People

This allows them to research content specifically crafted for their cohort.

HUNTINGTON Desktop Mockup

The technical bit


The platform is built in WordPress CMS, allowing the user to easily update and manage all content on the website.

We have integrated various API to fetch content automatically: Everyday Hero for the events and HDBuzz for the research articles.

This is an example on how technology helps everyday tasks, removing the time Huntington’s staff would have spent on updating those contents.

We have also configured a personalised a search functionality to serve the right content to the right cohort through filtering.

HUNTINGTON Mobile Mockup

Benefit delivered

Business success

  • Editors can easily update the content of every page on the website
  • Filtering options for the research library and support groups and services allow visitors to get the right information for them and their location in a heartbeat.
  • Their fundraising events are automatically fetched from Everyday Hero, through a custom API integration, so that the editor doesn’t have to update both platforms.
  • The research tab and homepage is updated automatically through an API integration with HDBuzz, an aggregation of worldwide news about Huntington Disease.
  • The membership, donate forms and payments are integrated with Salesforce.
  • A personalised youth home page, which speaks directly to kids and teens.
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