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We delivered a complete digital solution for this non-profit organisation which delivers a new concept for the care of families.


After a UX workshop, we completely re-developed the site architecture and navigation for Possums Online, cutting down from about 50 menu and submenu items to about 15.

This, together with a complete site redesign and redevelopment that puts the user in control, allowed growth in traffic and a considerable rise in ROI.

We developed the site using Drupal with a mix of contributed and custom solutions.

Not only you can buy digital and physical products, but you can enrol in the NDC Accreditation pathway, a fully custom online course, to become Possums accredited.

An easy to use registration systems also allows health professionals and parents to register for paid and free events.

There is also a PIPPS membership section where parents can support each other during the challenging time of bringing a new life to the world.

Recently, we have implemented IP recognition with geolocation, so that users gets served the right currency depending from where they visit the site, handy!


Benefit delivered

Business success

  • Parents and Health Professionals can buy and immediately watch digital products
  • Parents and Health Professionals can buy physical products
  • Parents can register for PIPPS. A yearly membership with automatic renewal access to a specific PIPPS portal
  • Health Professionals can complete online certifications and NDS Pathway accreditation
  • NDS Pathway accreditation has online quizzes, assessments and clinical observations, all done remotely
  • Users can register for paid or free events. The registration is recorded in their portal
  • Completely different portal for Parents, PIPPS and Health Professionals
  • Secured a Not For Profit grant from Google, allowing free Adwords spend and free Google Apps products for the organisation.
  • IP Geolocation which serves the local currency depending where the user is from

I can’t tell how much our start-up non- profit organisation has valued Marameo skillful translation of our vision into an online presence. If you want reliability, responsiveness and integrity – go to Marameo. If you want calm professionalism through the challenges and pressures of your organisation’s changing digital identity – go to Marameo. If you want a values-driven organisation – go to Marameo. I remain forever grateful to Marameo’s partnership as we realise the Possums vision.

Pamela Douglas Founder – Possums Online
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