Never miss a sale – Should an employee text you when sick?


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You own a shop on a busy street in your local city, and you hired a shop manager. It’s going well and they are quickly learning how to convert more customers. They are even changing the shop-front appeal more to walk-in traffic.

But one day, middle of the day, they shut down and go home. Not a text, not a call. They just didn’t feel that great, or maybe they just wanted to go to the beach. Who knows.

Now, your customers will find the shop close and will go somewhere else. You are losing tons of business and don’t even know!

Until one of your trusted customers decide to call you – they are worried about you, it’s unusual the shop it’s closed at midday.

Now, what would you do in that situation? You’d be furious, you’d call immediately your employee and ask what’s going on.  Let’s face it, you’ll probably fire them.

One thing is sure: you will put processes in place so that doesn’t happen again.

Now, hands up if you have never experienced your website being down: your hosting might have had a problem, your CMS installation was broken or worse off, your site got hacked.

It happened to the best of us, and it will keep happening. Why? It’s the nature of technology, it can break.

Please help me understand something, cause I’m really struggling here.

Why you would not tolerate your employee to storm off for the day without alerting us, but you are OK with your website being down?

It makes no sense to me.

Your website, when done correctly, is the best salesperson you can possibly have, and it works for you 24/7.

But yet, people try everything they can to save money on design, development, hosting – and I am not even mentioning how most business owners won’t invest in a digital and content strategy.

We are all aware of how important it is to have a visible business online, we buy products online every day, we spend countless hours on social media – yet only a very small percentage of business owners invest in digital properly.

But back to our initial problem. Your website is down – it happened to you before, admit it.

What have you done about it? What processes have you put in place to avoid from happening it again?

If you are into DIY solutions, go over to UpTimeRobot and sign-up. It’s FREE, it takes few minutes and you have peace of mind that every time your site is down (for more than 5mins) you’ll get an email. Phew. That didn’t take long, did it?

If you want professionals to take care of it for you, head over to our Maintenance and Support page.

Every Website Care Plan we offer include the most important features to make sure your site is up and running smoothly at all times:

  • We update your website with the latest security patches
  • You’ll get a text every time your website is down – 24/7
  • We check and control attacks on your site – 24/7
  • We backup your site every day and every week

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