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If you’re redesigning a health research organisation website in 2022, there are a few essential web design elements and trends that you might want to implement in your next project.
The best health organisation websites are trustworthy and authoritative providing reliable information to both scientists, stakeholders and general public.

Comprehensive strategy work and user experience research is necessary for communicating this message well. Depending on your organisation target audience, you need to organise the structure of your content and data available to your users in a way that is easy to find and consume.

A fast and intuitive search engine is the key to empower your users to find what’s most important for them and keep them engaged on your site.

Additionally, you’ll need to make sure your site follows at least Web Accessibility AA standards, not only to comply with government regulations, but also to make sure your site is fully accessible for all.

We are not going to concentrate on design, as this might be subjective. We designed most of the projects below and it can be seen as bias.

We are going to focus on functionalities and how those solves those organisations pain points – hoping you’ll gain some valuable insights.

1. The George Institute

The George Institute website is an excellent example when it comes to a health research organisation website.

The site was initially built with Drupal 8 and upgraded to Drupal 9, it has a lot of features that most organisations would benefit from.

We are going to outline only a couple in this article, in order to give the other sites the spotlight they deserve, but please get in touch if you want to have a deeper conversation about how this site has been built and what problems solves for The George Institute audience.

Additionally, you can read the case study.

Multi domains installation & Chinese language

Multi Domain Installation Chinese language

While the site has one Drupal installation, it serves 5 different regions with different content and for the Chinese region, it has a translation option in Chinese.

At its core, this showcase how to serve relevant content to relevant audiences (regions, in this case) and to the right cohorts (Chinese language).

Editors can create any type of content on the CMS and simply assign in which region that content should be published on. So they can decide that page X is published in Global and UK, but not in Australia, India or China.

This is all optimised for SEO, making sure Google doesn’t penalise the site for duplicate content.

Automatic Publications Fetch

Leveraging the partnership between The George Institute and the University of New South Wales, we have built an API integration to automatically sync and show publications written by The George Institute researchers – so that editors do not have to manually import them from EndNote or any other publications platforms.

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2. The Australian Prevention Centre

The Australian Prevention Centre‘s mission is to build an effective, efficient and equitable system for the prevention of chronic disease.

While we worked on a bunch of different features, probably the two most important ones were the complete data restructuring and the search engine.

Data Restructuring

The original site was built with a simple data structure that didn’t allow the reference and connection of content throughout the site. This left the editors having to keep updating a lot of different pages constantly, to keep up with the new content coming in and how it related to the existing content on the site.

The site has been redesigned in a way to connect all the different content dynamically. This way, the user can go on a journey and start looking at a project, then go into the lead investigator for that project, which is connected with the news where that investigator is featured, which connects to the resources created relative to that news – and so on.

This creates a 360 degree journey that allows the user to really dig deeper into the myriad of content that The Australian Prevention Centre offers.

Search Engine

The world class filtering search engine, allows the user to find exactly what they are looking for. We have used topics and research methodology as the glue to categorise the different type of content, and a keyword search tops it off to make sure nothing is left unfound.

A facet filtering functionality allows the user to easily filter through the content and dig as deep as they want into the large information pieces the centre has to offer.

3. Implementation Science

Implementation Science is a community of practice from Sydney Health Partners. While the public-facing site is similar to the Sydney Health Partners described above, this is a Membership based organisation website with a few interesting functionalities:

Become a member

It’s free and fast to become a member.

Just fill in the membership form and automatically the team will be reviewing the application. Only then the application is approved an automatic email gets sent to the new member, allowing them to login

Member only content

We have created a member-only resource hub, which allows non members to browse and explore the resources available, but not access them unless they become a member.

Offering exclusive content to your audience is a great way to drive memberships. Keeping those resources available to be searched and explored, allows google to index your content and reaching more potential members.

Find a collaborator

On the member portal, we have built a functionality to find collaborators based on position, area of interest or clinical disciplines. This allows members to contact each other and start new projects together.

Being a member doesn’t mean you are automatically added to this directory. To preserve privacy, we have made this an opt-in functionality.

Abstract submissions

Once in the member portals, we have created a functionality to submit abstracts for the Implementation Science Health Conference Australia.

This allowed members to submit, edit and review the status of their submission through their dashboard – while allowing staff to manage it all from the backend of the platform.

4. Sydney Health Partners

Sydney Health Partners is a new kind of organisation, with a mission to help translate research into evidence-based healthcare.

We used a technique called headless WordPress to render this site lightning fast!

The design is fresh and on brand, with a simple user experience that allows the user to easily navigate and find what they are looking for.

While the site is mostly informational, there are a couple of items that are worth noticing.

Block approach

We have developed and designed a block approach which allows the editor to create landing pages based on a “blocks library”. This achieve the following important outcomes:

  • The editor isn’t locked into a template approach, where all the pages look the same
  • The editor has enough freedom to create new, different pages, while always staying on brand
  • It’s fast and easy for the editor to spin up a campaign or a landing page

Book in a call if you want to learn more about our block approach.

Internal and Partner’s news

The news page allows the user to filter by not only topics, but also by type. This allows the team at Sydney Health Partners to collect news from partners organisations under one page.

If the article is an internal news like this one, it will go to its own page.

If instead it’s a partner news, it will open in a new page, directly to the site where the news is published.

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