Why do you need to have a budget for your web design project


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Example 1

Client: “I need a website, how much will it cost?”
Agency: “What kind of website do you have in mind?”
Client: “I’m open to suggestions, I want it to have a video presentation about my company on the homepage, visitors should be able to interact with inquiries and comments, and I’d like an image gallery”

Example 2

Client: “How much does a phone costs?”
Salesman: “What kind of phone?”
Client: “I’m open to suggestions, anything that is 4G ready with a decent memory and a high-resolution camera”

If you notice the two different analogies, you can see that there are similarities when it comes to budget.
The phone salesman could sell you the latest iPhone for $1200 or the latest Chinese brand for just about $200. Both will have the same features, but the user experience, the quality and overall durability will be extremely different.

When you tell the salesman your budget, he will suggest the best possible outcome for your need within your budget, which you’ll probably want to spend it all, to make sure you get the best possible phone you can get.

Yet, why prospects don’t tell a website agency their budget?


There are so many different ways to create a website, and unfortunately, different techniques are not tangible enough to a non-techy client to be able to see the difference.

What if I tell you that the exact same website could be built in 2 days or 4 weeks (and anything in between), depending on the technique and technology we use?
Add on top of it technical jargon like ReactJS or RESTapi and the prospect just doesn’t know what we are talking about: they are just too afraid to be ripped off.

“Easy, tiger.  Do you mean if I tell you my budget, you’re going to use all?”

That’s right.
Better yet, we make the best use of it.

Our job is to find ways to create the best result possible. Declaring your budget to your web development firm gives them the opportunity to understand more about the website that you want, allocate the budget to what is most important for your business and finally give you a better understanding of how they will create your website brilliantly.

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