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Marameo Design consists of a dedicated team of experienced and professional web designers and Drupal developers in Sydney and Rome. Each Drupal Specialist brings a different skillset and expertise that blends together to create unique and innovative solutions. We choose the Drupal content management system for its many options, flexibility and unlimited potential. It is the ultimate platform for professional websites of any size or focus.

We dedicated ourselves to truly listening to each client’s dreams and goals and formulating online solutions that help them come to reality. This is more than just a job for us, it is our passion. We are pleased to offer quick and enthusiastic responses to your questions and comments. Our focus on customer services has led to 95% of new work being from referrals.

No matter what industry you are in, our Drupal team’s expertise and experience can help you find the solution you need. We have worked with tech companies, healthcare groups, entertainment sites and not for profit organisations as well, something we are exceptionally proud of. From the spark of an idea to a detailed plan and a complete online solution, we cover all the bases whether you need a corporate website, a SAAS application or just a bit of updating and maintenance on an existing site.

We Care

We love the opportunity to design and develop web solutions for nonprofit organisations who truly make a difference in the world instead of making a profit. Although we understand the need for attracting funds for businesses and not-for-profit groups alike, we appreciate the different requirements for each and always strive to meet and exceed expectations.

We demonstrate our passion for helping others and the global community by offering our best skills and talents to help nonprofits bring about positive changes. Working together with nonprofits, Marameo Design can help make the world a better place.

We care about your success. Our goal is to help you meet all of your goals for your business or organisation. We are proud to take good care of our clients and fulfil their needs as they fulfil the needs of communities and individuals through their charitable work.

Our Drupal Specialists

Mara Milani
Digital Strategy, UX and Development
With more than 15 years of commercial experience in digital strategy, Mara is the heart and soul of Marameo Design. Friendly and dedicated, she has a real passion for social causes and fairness. When she is not developing a new digital strategy or theming a website, you can find her on the soccer pitch, cycling around Sydney or at the pub enjoying a pale ale.
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Alessandro Milani
SEO, Analytics and Development
Based in the Rome office, Alassandro has more than 20 years experience in commercial projects. He loves data and analysis, but he is a pretty handy site builder too. Father of three, he enjoys time with his kids and astrophotography. He manages www.fotodistelle.it. Several of his pictures were featured in national and international magazines.
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Lev Ananikyan
Senior Drupal Developer
Lev has a passion for Drupal and Opencart. He has more than 13 years of experience in both front and back end development. He has completed a PhD in theoretical physics and he is an author of more than 20 scientific publications. He maintains a few Drupal modules and Opencart extensions. While he is not a graphic designer, Photoshop is one of his favourite tools!
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Bhavin Joshi
Senior Drupal Developer
Bhavin is active in the community and has more than 8 years of experience in Drupal. He has a great attitude packed with solid back-end and front-end skills. He manages http://www.drupaldeveloper.in
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Evan Connolly
Drupal Developer
Enthusiastic back-end developer, Evan has great eye for details packed with skills can do attitude. He is completing his Computer Science degree at Sydney University, he plays guitar and enjoys the occasional schooner.
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Director of Interruptions
Official welcoming committee, creative inspiration and energy booster, she is the real boss of the office. She specialises in getting pats, catching Frisbees and runs in the park – all necessary tasks for excellent digital creativity.
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