Why do you need to have a budget for your web design project

Example 1

Client: “I need a website, how much will it cost?”
Agency: “What kind of website do you have in mind?”
Client: “I’m open to suggestions, I want it to have a video presentation about my company on the homepage, visitors should be able to interact with inquiries and comments, and I’d like an image gallery”

Example 2

Client: “How much does a phone costs?”
Salesman: “What kind of phone?”
Client: “I’m open to suggestions, anything that is 4G ready with a decent memory and a high-resolution camera”

If you notice the two different analogies, you can see that there are similarities when it comes to budget.
The phone salesman could sell you the latest iPhone for $1200 or the latest Chinese brand for just about $200. Both will have the same features, but the user experience, the quality and overall durability will be extremely different.

When you tell the salesman your budget, he will suggest the best possible outcome for your need within your budget, which you’ll probably want to spend it all, to make sure you get the best possible phone you can get.

Yet, why prospects don’t tell a website agency their budget?


There are so many different ways to create a website, and unfortunately, different techniques are not tangible enough to a non-techy client to be able to see the difference.

What if I tell you that the exact same website could be built in 2 days or 4 weeks (and anything in between), depending on the technique and technology we use?
Add on top of it technical jargon like ReactJS or RESTapi and the prospect just doesn’t know what we are talking about: they are just too afraid to be ripped off.

“Easy, tiger.  Do you mean if I tell you my budget, you’re going to use all?”

That’s right.
Better yet, we make the best use of it.

Our job is to find ways to create the best result possible. Declaring your budget to your web development firm gives them the opportunity to understand more about the website that you want, allocate the budget to what is most important for your business and finally give you a better understanding of how they will create your website brilliantly.

Custom multiple-device, multiple-platform software to support small business

How we are running our business in 2018

Moving towards to the industry 4.0 a lot of things has been changed quickly and the way our businesses are administered nowadays does not stay away from that trend. The appearance of smartphones, smart wearable devices, VR, AR, and so on bring many new tools into our lives. And our duty is to make them support our daily activities better.

That might sound “on-the-cloud” or far from reality for small businesses but it’s actually so close to us already. A business owner now can stay in Hawaii or on the bus with his phone to run his business in Sydney. Computers/sensors from his factory in Vietnam can send update him the status of the production and when he wants. He can assign tasks and check the tasks’ status from his employees on Trello app, or Slack.

All of these devices bring a lot of information about your business, and that’s when a software to manage all of this information becomes a great assistant. You might need to see how many orders you have, how many items each product need to be done, what is the status of your raw material order, and so on so forth. There are many softwares to do that, but if you want to something fits your custom business processing your custom figures?

Difficulties of multi-device, multi-platform

All those devices make us connected and informed about our businesses but they are also the reason for the biggest headache: multi-device, multi-platform. You can use a laptop at home, but you have a desktop in the office, meanwhile, you want to use your phone or tablet to check your businesses while on holiday. Each of these device requires a different type of software, which will cost you a lot to develop and maintain.



Our solution is simple: web application!
You can open a website on a PC, or on your MacBook. Your iPhone loves it, and so does your employee’s android tablet. You need to develop and maintain only one application and use a great hosting like Amazon to take care of it on their server. If you worry about security, we are Drupal experts, which is used by Whitehouse, Tesla, The Economist, Grammy, Cisco, Verizon, and so many other big organizations.

Don’t hesitate to talk with us about your need. We hope to boost your business in the near future!