Our Website Launch Checklist - Essential Checks Before You Go Live


With more than 18 years of commercial experience in digital strategy, Mara is the heart and soul of Marameo Design. Friendly and dedicated, she has a real passion for social causes and fairness. When she is not developing a new digital strategy or theming a website, you can find her on the soccer pitch, cycling around Sydney or at the pub enjoying a pale ale.

Submitted by Mara Milani on Wed, 03/14/2018 - 14:34

This article reviews some important and necessary checks that Drupal websites should be checked against before the official launch — little details are often forgotten or ignored, but – if done in time – may sum up to an overall greater user experience and avoid unnecessary costs after the official site release.

Those checks assume you have a local, development and live environment. 

How to estimate - the art of being on time

Submitted by admin on Wed, 03/07/2018 - 18:41

We are all professionals and know how to do our job - but when it comes to estimating time - most of us will fall short.

Rule #1: Understand the task

Seems rhetorical, but take your time to really understand the task - is there any unspoken requirements we are missing? You'd be surprised how many time there is at least one.

Rule #2: Divide into micro-tasks

Look at your task and divide it into smaller tasks, to make it manageable. This way, you can estimate each micro-task and adding all up will give you the total estimation.