Drupal Support and Maintenance

We offer a full range of support and maintenance plans to make sure your website stays up and running at all times.

Is a Drupal Support and Maintenance plan right for you?

Drupal is an extremely secure content management system (CMS). In fact, Australian and US government agencies choose Drupal to build their websites. Why? Because this excellent CMS provides the ultimate in customisation and security.

But important updates still need to be applied to keep your site secure.

Did you know? The Drupal Security Team monitors all potential threats and releases Drupal security updates for the core and all modules on the third Thursday of every month.

These updates must be applied to websites by developers or site owners themselves. Our Drupal Support and Maintenance Plans take care of this for you so vital security updates are never forgotten or ignored. With the proper care, your website is never left vulnerable to external dangers like hacking.

Not only is the website content itself protected, but users’ personal information and sensitive data like financial records or proprietary information remains hidden.

Choosing a Drupal Support and Maintenance Plan frees you up to concentrate on your business and gives you true confidence that your website is safe.

Are you sure your website is secure against hacking and other attacks?

Our Drupal Support and Maintenance plan come in a variety of tiers based on your website’s size, complexity and function. Each includes monitoring and updates to the Drupal core and modules, Drupal security updates, remote backups on schedule and uptime tracking among other benefits.

Does your Drupal site need frequent updates and support?

Existing Marameo Design clients, or those who underwent a Drupal Site Audit, are eligible for one of our excellent Drupal Support and Maintenance Plan.

This ensures proper support for a website that is operational and bug-free.

Our Support Plans provide a speedy response – usually within 4 hours – to any issues or troubles that arise on your Drupal website in accordance with our Service Agreement.

This support gives you peace of mind that your site will have maximum uptime with no errors or glitches.

Drupal security infographic