Drupal Site Audit Service

We have a fill-fledged procedure for auditing and documenting on the general health of Drupal website and systems. We will help you learn and understand how your site functions and provide a list of changes to maximise its effectiveness and reduce technical risk.

A Drupal Site Audit may be performed if the website is currently having problems with security or performance, the business change directions and needs an update, upgrades to core and modules are necessary or you are simply seeking peace of mind. This health check will settle your concerns and any investors or stakeholders in the company.

How the Site Audit Works

Drupal Site Audit requires access to your websites code and production database. Third-party databases or apps may also need to be accessed for testing purposes. Any documentation about the site function can be beneficial to the process.

Marameo Design’s first step is to re-create your Drupal website in our testing environment, which is perfectly secure and private, so tests can be carried out.

  • No audits will be done on a live website.
  • No interruptions of use or performance will occur.
  • No changes to your current website will be made.

The following important areas will be covered in a Drupal Site Audit:


Each audit focuses on security first. We check for insecure code, improperly installed applications, improper user settings and weak passwords.


Every company needs a fast and responsive website. Our Drupal site audit finds ways to speed up load time and all processes. We provide a list of suggested tasks to improve overall performance.


Many other problems can be solved or corrected with an in-depth analysis of the configuration settings. We determine where the settings are wrong for your use and suggest alternatives that will create better performance, usability and security.

User Permissions

Improper use of user permissions can lead to a poor experience for site visitors and compromise security. Our site audits find all these potential problems and recommend fixes.

Ease of Use

Each page of your website has a particular goal – to sell a product, gather leads, make a donation or click a link – and we use these goals when investigating your site’s usability. Above all else, a website should be easy and natural to use or visitors will not stay.


Not only will our review check for any errors or needed updates in your installed modules, but we will also analyze how effective they are for your particular goals. We will make recommendations about alternative or additional modules that may help you without slowing down your website.

Custom Coding

If your website includes custom code, our Drupal Site Audit can check if it is properly optimised and secure.

This list gives only a quick overview of all the aspects of our audit process. We strive to inspect and analyse every aspect of your site as deeply as possible in order to help you achieve your goals. Our audit report combines all our findings with helpful recommendations for how to improve security, usability and performance.

Drupal Site Audits are completed in one day to one week depending on site size and complexity.